The ’16 Settee

Mr. Banana Peel of Raspberry Lane, Mayfield,  noticed, once he’d purchased a certain chair, that if he erased the letters ‘H’ and ‘I’, it could be counted upon to become a car.


“Why of bloody course,” thought he. “Why in Hermione Baddeley hadn’t I thought of that before?!” 



Of course, you must understand that Banana Peel, having lived on Raspberry Lane for as long as anyone could remember, failed even to raise an occasional eyebrow, now matter how daft he might have appeared to outsiders.



That’s one of the perks of folks’ having gotten a chance so to get used to each other over the course of such a very significantly long time.


“Good day, Banana Peel.” “Good day, Chugglesworth.”

“Afternoon, Mr. Banana Peel,” “Afternoon, young fellow.”
could so often be heard as he chugga chug chugged on by daily in what he referred to as his ’16 Settee.   



Yes, silly or no silly, folks in Mayfield took it all in their stride.


Welcome back to SUNDAY PHOTO FICTION where DONNA B. MCNICOL is now our new host.

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