La Revisionista

Harvey was telling George about his favorite cousins, Leo and Gerald.


“They ‘ve been like brothers of mine since we were kids,” he said.  “Leo’s wife is Rhonda, and Gerald’s is Mabel.  Rhonda and Mabel are both so amazingly good too.”



“It’s so nice, and lucky for you,” George said, “That you’re such good friends with them all.”



“There’s only one big problem,” Harvey admitted.  “Mabel is so overly partial to her family and friends.   She hardly ever lets any of his relatives and friends get involved with anything of theirs.”



“Yes,” George complained.  “That’s enough to get anyone plum crazy.”



Harvey continued.  “Although she hardly invites anyone on his side to things, even though we only live within a thirty mile radius of them, she always invites hers, even though they’re seventy five miles away, and even in other states.  I always get an invitation though.  That’s nice, even though it’s confusing because of her keeping such a distance from the rest of us.”



“Besides that,” he said, “The woman is a compulsive photographer, incessantly taking pictures.  I’m often in the pictures she takes.  She takes them of everyone in attendance.   Although I quite enjoy that, what makes is so bizarro is that when she posts them online~SURPRISE!!!~not a single one of his friends or relatives is in any of the photos that get posted.  It’s as if she’s deleted every one of his connections out of their lives.  She’s completely brainwashed him into thinking this is not even merely normal and permissible, but even quite a good thing, worthy of lots of credit.”



“It’s as if, once he married her, one of his vows was that he agreed to give up completely his entire life and identity,” he went on. “She controls all the influences he’s subjected to. It’s as if they’re a kind of Pygmalion and Galatea in reverse.”



“Oh well,” George said, “Assuming they’re a really happy couple, eccentric or no eccentric, that’s all that counts.”   

Welcome to REENA’S EXPLORATION CHALLENGE #93 . Tolga Girgin has so graciously provided the really hep photo.

7 thoughts on “La Revisionista

  1. Michael says:

    Wow that was a great response to the image Larry, I know of similar family dynamics, I think its so sad that certain family are excluded and not included. But even sadder can be the reasons.

    Liked by 1 person

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