Life Is So Subtle

I asked my favorite teacher what rule I should live by.

He said there are two facts I must accept at all times.

‘Knowledge happens when a man accepts the fact that a tomato is a fruit,’ said he.

‘Wisdom happens when he knows better than to put it into a fruit salad,’ he continued.

I’ve been pondering that absolute masterpiece over the course of several decades.

It’s so SIMPLE, yet so profound.



Welcome back to Denise’s SIX SENTENCE STORY THURSDAY .

11 thoughts on “Life Is So Subtle

  1. GirlieOnTheEdge says:

    Your teacher used a very good example! There is a definite difference between knowledge and wisdom. Anyone can become knowledgeable yet I fear not everyone becomes wise. The profound can be discovered in the most simple of things and yet without the ability to recognize it (wisdom?), it is often overlooked.

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  2. Pat Brockett says:

    It is much easier to gain knowledge than it is achieve wisdom, although one can be wise about what they spend their time reading, studying, and doing. Wisdom comes through the experiences of applying knowledge. So says she who still has so much to learn. 🙂


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