The Hep And Gentlemanly Organist

Long ago,when I was but a mere youngster, my parents got me a really neat ORGAN for Christmas.  I was, however, to play it on exactly one condition. I was only to practice, and to play, legitimate music on it.  By that, they meant the collected works of such distinguished and esteemed luminaries as Byrd, Palestrina, Victoria, Mozart, Bach, and all the high~falootin’ longhairs.  



As anyone who knows me ,though, can tell you, ’60’s music as always been the very love of me life.  I managed to figure out a way to beat them eventually at their very own game.  I kept a bunch of ’60’s sheet music, unbeknownst to them, hidden in the ATTIC.  Whenever they went out for hours at a time, I pulled out copies of songs like Mongo Santamaria’s ‘ WATERMELON Man’

I’d always practice the hep stuff behind their backs.  That way I eventually turned out to be both hep and gentlemanly. 

Welcome back to Paula’s THREE THINGS CHALLENGE PL132 .

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