Good News Bad News

Every once in a  while, I allow my imagination to wander, perchance a smidge or two too freely for my own good.  One day recently, I was looking through a comic book, set in either Germany or some German~speaking place.  Not surprisingly, I absent~mindedly walked into it, and became a part of its cast.



I’ll say one thing for it: fiction or no fiction, at least it was quite a nice place.  There were beautiful women, children at play, food and drink galore.  The only concessions to everyday normal life were the annoyingly familiar looking Volkswagen corporate logo, and all sorts of liberal references.  There was a sign on one place saying that it was closed, and on another, that it had been sold.  Maybe that’s why the place is such easy pickings for radical politics.

  Once I got past the car dealership, and the radical ideology, however, I could kick back and enjoy all sorts of fabulous amenities. 



I started out with a boat ride up and down the river, followed by a ride on the merry~go~round, during which I quite freely and happily hit upon some very seriously lovely ladies.



All around me, on the land, in the sea, and the air, there was such total beauty, delight, and enjoyment.  Did these unfortunate townspeople even know how much trouble they were in? 



Here is my very first attempt at Nova’s IMAGINATION PLANTATION .  I’m so hoping CEAYR , ROCHELLE

and KEITH will each have a go at it.

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