My Imaginary Italy

Padre Basket

My cousin Gary and I have kept in touch ever since we were little kids.  His wife Maria, and her family, are all from Italy.  They’ve been living in this country for more than fifty years.



Never having been to Italy, I’m just assuming, but I always get the impression, whenever I visit them, that that’s what things must be like over there.  It’s a world of fattening food, home made wine, and constant accordion music.  I’ve even been trying to learn as much Italian as possible, so I can keep up with them.



Until recently, they all lived in Brooklyn.  That was especially interesting for me, because things were as overwhelmingly Italian as possible.  Their current neighborhood, a local suburb, is nice but it’s just not the same.  They’ve always been the personification of my imaginary Italy.  Taking them away from Brooklyn simply isn’t acceptable.  Certain things should never be allowed.  One of these days I shall have to set them straight about that.

Welcome back to SUNDAY PHOTO FICTIONER .  DONNA B. is now in charge.  PADRE supplied this week’s fab photo.


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