Ciara Was Funny That Way

Ciara was funny that way.

She was locked in a room,

All monochrome.

She wanted to go outside.

The padlock was rusted.

She couldn’t get out.

What else could a lonely soul do

Besides make her own lovely seascape? 

Ciara was funny that way.   

I’d so often asked her her secret. 

Just how did her art become real?

She simply remained motionless 

And silent.

Ciara was funny that way.







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2 thoughts on “Ciara Was Funny That Way

  1. Carrie V. H. says:

    It reminds me of in Castaway where he painted his ball and named him Wilson. Humanity always has a need of beauty and the reward of knowing others. Like the way you went with this Larry! Very clever. 🙂


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