A Very Sad World

Recently I walked toward the glare of a particularly intense noonday sun.  Upon my having trespassed sufficiently over its borderline I saw some awfully amazing things.  


Wherever I was, it was bordered on the left by death, and on its right by a false and deceptive god.  The surrounding landscape was all barren and parched, and beauty and freedom were terrified of each other.



Its capital city, from what I could understand of things, was upon quite an oversized, intimidating pedestal, which,  I could swear , was made, somehow, of water.   None of the townsfolk, nor any visitor, was allowed access to this distant environment.



I got the oddest feeling because even the very sky and sun bespoke a most ominously deranged pseudo reality.  Was it Hell? Was it a mere, ultimately harmless nightmare, or perchance some necessary vision attempting to tell me something?



Knowing that mankind has always been quite an exceptionally curious character by very nature, I really have to watch my step from now on.  Certain things are very much better left to the world of the completely unknown.




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