Olga and Igor Enjoy Their Day

Igor and Olga took a much~needed TRIP to the zoo one day.  Naturally, certain species of animals, being so overly violent and nasty, can’t be trusted too close to mankind, so they must be restricted to a CAGES, which are often referred to as CELLS.


“Well,” Igor told his wife, “I enjoy animals up to a point, I should suppose, but this is as close as I’d be willing to get to trying to CROSS the BORDER from civilization to a jungle. It’s hard to deny that the EVIL STENCH, at the very least, couldn’t possibly be so much as decreased a smidge by a lifetime supply of SOAP. “

“WHY anyone would want to trade places with a form of life that has to SLEEP on a ground or FLOOR is beyond me,” Olga admitted.  “The very existence of such slovenly conditions makes it plum impossible even to attempt to DENY the existence of EVIL in the world..”



Welcome back to SUNDAY WHIRL #409 .

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