Hard Core Political And Cultural Trouble

I’ve been reading several posts on Facebook lately.  My ‘Trump~is~not~my~PRESIDENT’ liberal friends are constantly making fun of number 45 and his First Lady.   They claim the Trumps have no idea how to dress and to comport themselves in polite company.  Those comments are quite interesting coming from a bunch of characters who dress up as flourescent vaginas in public.


Because I realize that I can only count upon ICE cold stares~at the very best~from people on the opposing team, I very rarely discuss controversial topics with just anyone.



If I were really smart, instead of bothering with controversial debates, which never seem to persuade anyone anyway, I should stick to writing many a fictional YARN on my blog.



Welcome back to Paula’s THREE THINGS CHALLENGE PL 125 .

One thought on “Hard Core Political And Cultural Trouble

  1. Paula Light says:

    I am opposed to mockery based on physical features. It was terrible when the Right did it to the Obamas, and it’s terrible when the Left does it to the Trumps. It reminds me of all the horrible name-calling and bullying little kids did in school.

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