The Very Talented Artist

Word Art (1)

I once met a girl, Ciara, who was quite an exceptional artist.  She would often take out her GRAPHITE pencil, at random times, and spontaneously draw sketches of STYMIE, from ‘The Little Rascals, or Uncle FESTER, from ‘The Addams Family’.



Ciara always claimed that her ARTWORK gave her quite a much~needed FREEDOM. Her talent would especially find its inspiration in peace and quiet. Whenever there was a LULL in her circumstances, her ability to be ORIGINAL and imaginative truly flourished. 



It even, seemingly, would JUMP into action.  Often, all she would have to do would be to begin with a vaguely NEBULATED sketch , and she could ultimately end up with a masterpiece that would inspire lovers to CLASP HANDS, and even to CARESS.



Welcome back to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’ WORDLE # 138 .

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