The Farmer’s Market And Soup Kitchen

Between the soup kitchen on Pine Street, and the farmer’s market in Kennedy Plaza, my life is often filled with such exceptionally good food. 


At the farmer’s market, they have fresh produce, wine, beer, ale and seafood, as well as cheese and meat.  Each merchant has a TABLE at which he tries to cajole people into purchasing whatever they may want or need, depending upon need and TASTES.  There’s a CERTAIN parallel between the farmer’s market and the soup kitchen. 



The soup kitchen, although its circumstances are much different, is an equally intense source of food.  Often they have FRIED CHICKEN, STEWS, which the guests may pass across their GRATEFUL LIPS.  The cooks spend a lot of time over hot ovens and stoves, looking upon his REFLECTION in  the SWIRLING food, in order to GIVE people a nice time. 

Whenever there’s a LULL in one of these environments, I enjoy going to the other one.

Welcome back to SUNDAY’S WHIRLYGIG 218 .

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