The Passage Of Time

Edna loved Harvey and she had every reason to think he loved her too.  Time and its inevitable quirks, though, had left her without so much as a shred of certitude.



“O Well,” she thought aloud, “Maybe that’s normal for a couple who’ve been married forty years. What starts out tropical must sooner or later have its inevitable GLACIAL moments.”  She then went about her work.



Welcome back to Sammi Cox’s WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT #110 .

9 thoughts on “The Passage Of Time

  1. Dale says:

    This is so very true for so many. I remember reading (eons ago) an article on the “twenty-seven” year itch… seems people realise that when the kids are gone and they find themselves face to face with nothing in common and no barriers and see how many years they have left to live (hopefully) they want those said years to be happy. And boom. Another one bites the dust (My folks did in year 29….)

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    1. larry trasciatti says:

      Unfortunately life is tough that way. That’s why I’m so happy there’s a rule against divorce(marriage is Without it, even more couples would, understandably, simply give up when things got so excessively difficult

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