Clare And The Square

Ralph truly wanted, with all his heart and soul, to impress Clare, but he was a bit of a square.   The night of the big dance had finally arrived.   He was so hoping desperately that she may even be willing to reserve a WALTZ for him.


Having heard that all breathtakingly lovely ladies are irresistibly attracted to a man with a fine sense of humor, he approached her with, “So, have you heard the one about the priest, the minister, the RABBI, and the pelican who walked into a bar?”



Naturally, whatever his intentions, that didn’t work out terribly well.  Clare, always the perfect lady, tried to avoid breaking his fragile heart, but she simply couldn’t help giving him, spontaneously, the kind of dazed smirk that hurt with the force of an absolute TORNADO.



Welcome back to Paula’s THREE THINGS CHALLENGE PL121 .






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