The Annual Trip To Northeastern Pennsylvania

Every year, for the Fourth of July weekend, my father’s relatives   get together in northeastern Pennsylvania for a long weekend.  In recent years, I stay in a hotel when I go.  Each morning I enjoy a few cups of coffee and continental breakfast.



Then it’s off to see the kin, with all the sunburn, fattening food, dysfunctionality, and claustrophobia I can handle.  Oh well, I should suppose it’s worth all the inconvenience, in return for incessant reminders of how annoying a kid I was forty to fifty years ago.  I really hope my nerves don’t freak out on me.




Welcome back to Bikergurl’s 100 WORD WEDNESDAY .

3 thoughts on “The Annual Trip To Northeastern Pennsylvania

  1. bikurgurl says:

    I just returned from visiting family in the Midwest 😉 I don’t think about how annoying I was, but we do hotel it and try to skirt the drama 🖤 I think this is a picture perfect story for the image – thanks for joining us!!

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