Martha’s Taste

Her beauty had always enchanted me like plum crazy.  From the second I first set me unworthy eyes upon Martha, I knew right away that I simply must woo her with all the gumption a guy could possibly even so much as attempt to muster.



Having at last won at least a chance at a date, I got her to agree to Friday afternoon lunch.  Naturally, as always for folks hereabouts on a Friday, we made sure we ordered FISH.  To my undying and perpetual dumbfoundedness, lovely Miss Marcia asked for a picture of MARSHMALLOW sauce on the side.  “Could it be possible that she’s getting a head start upon dessert?” I ventured to take for granted. 

Then I saw the previously utterly unthinkable.   The doll face poured her sauce upon her seafood! Upon my having politely expressed my shock, she replied simply, “Oh really?! So you prefer they pour yours on in advance?!” 



Alas, I may have further to ponder my interest in this woman.  In just precisely what GALAXY is such an appetite so much as considered even the least bit acceptable, may I ask?



Welcome back to Paula’s THREE THINGS CHALLENGE PL120 .


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