The Statue

sa“Who are you?” Chester asked the seemingly living statue.  


I may not tell you,” replied the ominous figure.  “Nor may I show you my face.  You may recall that in ancient western literature, the ability to give someone a name, or even to know his name, connotes one’s having a degree of power over him.  It is simply not your place to understand the endeavor you are about to undertake,”

 “I represent your future, which is never to be within the scope of anyone’s current knowledge,” he continued.  “There’s no need to fear me,  you understand.   Yours is no more threatening a future than anyone else’s.” 



“I’m well beyond confused,” Chester naturally complained. 



All I may tell you,” the statue went on, “is that you have to trust me.  I represent everything that will happen to you.  You may visit me as often as you like, but you may not expect any answers.  I do not have a face, in order that you may see neither smile nor frown.  



Chester, throughout the rest of his life, remained secure in the knowledge that he was merely to meet his obligations as each transpired.  He understood that it wasn’t his place to know everything.  The statue was never to tell.



This week, Hélène Vaillant gives us quite an interesting photo for her weekly  WHAT DO YOU SEE? prompt.


Weekly challenge



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