Lonely Lisa


When I was a kid in St. Gabriel’s there was a really lonely girl named Lisa in our class.  We all used to drive Lonely Lisa crazy, especially when Sister Dolorita and Sister Rose Eugene weren’t around to protect her.

Our favorite chant was: “Lisa Lisa She’s no good, chop her up for fire wood.”  To this  very day, I still have no idea why we picked on this poor girl. She was so very pretty, and she most certainly seemed nice enough. She must have simply provided us with an available target.


I was especially nasty.  The most sarcastic kid in our crowd, I never missed out on a chance to stick my tongue out at her.



One day, during recess, she must have decided her broken heart was impossible to handle.  She simply walked into a wall, on the corner of Astoria Boulevard, and never once turned back.



Welcome back to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s PHOTO CHALLENGE #267 .


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