A Make Believe Love Affair

Emily was madly in love with Van Williams, who played Kenny Madison on ‘Bourbon Street Beat’ and ‘Surfside 6’, and Britt Reid on ‘The Green Hornet’. 


Oddly she was equally infatuated with the real Williams, and both his fictional personae.  Throughout her life, she would concoct all manner of tall tales, pretending that she was involved with a torrid, controversial romance with them all.



She always knew, of course, that the Green Hornet would win out ultimately, because he could count on Bruce Lee to help him. 



Whenever she was invited to a party, or any other function where there would be couples, she would be sure to arrive with her television, which would inevitably be tuned into her favorite show.   The Green Hornet, of course, could always be counted on to make the greatest splash because he had the Black Beauty.



Her friends, crazy about her as they were, would inevitably humor her and indulge her odd fantasy, because they knew she was such a good natured perfect lady at heart, and because, hey, they all wanted Van Williams’ autograph.



Party after party, function after function, they welcomed her and her imaginary Van into their circle. The gentlemen pretended to talk to him about sports, current events, and other common interests.  The ladies pretended he’d asked each of them to dance.



This enchanting charade was allowed to continue for quite a few years without anyone’s minding one bit.  That all ended, though, one sad evening when Emily, and Kenny Madison showed up at such a fine party.  Unfortunately, she must completely have forgotten to pay her cable bill that month.  From out of nowhere, the screen flickered, and then he was gone.



Considering that they were all such a close~knit group, having always been the very best of friends, no one knew how to deal with so devastating a disappointment.  There has, however, been some talk of people’s trying to fix her up with Andy Griffith, of ‘No Time For Sergeants’, ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, and ‘Matlock’.



Hi and welcome back to the enchanting M(ichelle)’s JUNE WRITING PROMPTS .


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