Hippie Flower Power Gurus

Lately I’ve been having a lot of run ins with hippie flower power gurus.  Each one promises me a means of escape from the Messy side of life. 

The typical pitch involves references to how his supposedly enlightened Way of life can free me and Enlighten my Soul.  Naturally it involves the continuous recitation of some Mantra.


It’s all double Talk of course, a means of exploiting the Vulnerable.  Their typical patsy is young and dysfunctional, engaged in some major Struggle.  Anyone who’s reasonably well educated, or at least intelligent, can recognize all the gnostic Manichean Magic in it.  That’s why I can’t believe all the horror Stories I’ve so often read about how easily they’ve been able to deceive people.



One major advantage I’ve always had with them is that I’ve always possessed the Courage to see to it that my Soul will inevitably Lean in exactly the right direction.



Welcome back to the SUNDAY WHIRL WORDLE 407 .

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