Learning A New Language

I’ve been studying my Italian Exercises quite a lot lately.


It’s confusing.

‘Cugino’, ‘Cuscino’, ‘Cucina’ are the words for ‘Cousin’, ‘Pillow’, ‘Kitchen’.


‘Here’s an interesting one.

‘Mobile’ means ‘piece of furniture’.

That means that ‘La Donna è Mobile’ means ‘woman is furniture.’


Welcome back to Girlie On the Edge’s SIX SENTENCE STORY THURSDAY .

12 thoughts on “Learning A New Language

  1. clark says:

    If you don’t mind, I’ll just a hang back here… ’til the first comments from real people show up. (lol… no! I liked it but am exorcising the better part of valor, at least ’til Violet or Denise show up…. or D. Avery!
    to see how….
    (To interrupt myself… I went back to your Six just now, “clark, come on read it again… there’s some fun with the words to be had…nothing to be ascairt of…” lol Nope can’t for the life of me see a safe comment.
    The best I can come up with is… ‘So the Pillow is associated with the Kitchen…that makes sense.’
    OK I smeared enough words across this here comment box to provide cover.
    …so, this Donna chick, what particular part of the furnishings would she be?

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