Hello Myrtle

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, 1982.   Teenaged Ralph and Sam, along with their parents, are watching the parade on television.  Unbeknownst to them, their pet turtle, Myrtle, wanders off .



Eventually, they catch on.  “Where’s  Myrtle?”, for several months, is a battle cry throughout the neighborhood and school.  Ultimately they concede defeat, assuming she’s gone forever.



The boys later marry , have children, and all the usual things that go with the passage of time.  Recently they and their families visited their parents for a milestone anniversary.  While reaching for some food, Sam tripped over a large object.  Surprisingly, it was Myrtle. 


Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S  Friday Fictioneers.  C.E. AYR has so graciously supplied this week’s photo prompt.

31 thoughts on “Hello Myrtle

    1. larry trasciatti says:

      I mooched it from a story recently in the news. Maybe those creatures really know how to get by for that long. IT would be interesting to see if one could wander away for that long and still get home


  1. patriciaruthsusan says:

    Myrtle the turtle probably was living off food that fell on the floor. Whatever she ate she grew so it must have been nourishing. Or, If the people had a dog or cat she might have been “borrowing” from the animal bowl. Crafty Myrtle. She must have had a secure hiding place. A good story well written, Larry. 🙂 — Suzanne

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