Oh I Can’t Sleep At Night

Wordle 224.png

I have insomnia.  All I get to do lately is to remain wide awake night after night, staring at each and every single Crevice in my bedroom ceiling, seeing all manner of imaginary problems with one Finial right after the other. 

Don’t even so much as bother to think of telling me to drink warm milk,, count sheep, blah de blah, because my particular type of insomnia possesses the ability to Withstand all those traditional home remedies.  That kind of Lese Majesty, however noble in intention, I can most certainly do without.


I’ve also done so much pacing up and down my Stairwell, and across my carpet, that I am the truly king of Static Electricity, the kind that brings about that unwelcome Cling.



I’ve even resorted to calling midnight talk shows, demanding that the F.C.C. Cancel them for all their insanity.  Hosts with Dirty mouths truly annoy me.



It’s too bad my parents, in my youth, lacked the Foresight to have seen this problem coming.  Oh well, I should suppose it never occurred to too many parents, back then, to take for granted that their kids, left unattended, might have to spend countless nights, in middle age, lying wide awake at 2:00 a.m. wondering what in the hell purpose it could possibly serve to have such a word useless as ‘Reactive’ in the English language.


Welcome back to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’ WORDLE #136




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