The Times They Are A~Changin’

In days of yore, Children used to have such a nice time each Weekend.  Each Saturday morning, we’d all Scoot on over to the couch, in front of a T.V. set, and watch a combination of cartoons, and Cowboys and Indians shows, among others, where the bad guy always ended up at the wrong end of a Noose.

  School was a place where we were expected to Learn, not to imbibe politically charged ideology.  Today the average youngster doesn’t even have any idea of how to tell time with an analogue clock or to Sign his own name in cursive handwriting.

Back then, in my day, during warm weather times, we’d truly Love to hop onto a Swing and to glide back and forth pointlessly for hours on end, or to Swim at pools and beaches. For all the Noise we made, the sound of grown~up voices fell upon Deaf ears.


Of course, it’s way too Late to have that kind of life back, now that we live in the days of radical ideology and cell phones.


Welcome back to the Sunday Whirl, WORDLE 406 .

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