Happy Wednesday

Bald Uncle Fester has a light bulb in his mouth

Grandmama can stir you up bat stew.

Pugsley can translate Cousin Itt.

And Thing can even lend a hand for you.

And everything happens on Wednesday.


Gomez and his Morticia

They are such a sweet romance

Querida Mia and her Bubbele in love.

And Aristotle Octopus is Pugsley’s favorite pet

As Lurch learns all the latest dance steps.

And there is always something new on Wednesday.


So let us snap our fingers now 

And let us visit them

And let us hearken to the baying wolves

As Lurch does play the harpsichord 

With all its dulcet tones

And let us wait right here each week for Wednesday.


Here we are at Chelsea’s THE WEEKLY TERRIBLE POETRY CONTEST 22 .


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