Fibbing Friday May 31

Welcome back to Teresa’s latest FIBBING FRIDAY .

What would a Friday be without a chance to do a little fibbing? Have fun and come up with the best whoppers you can to these questions:

  1. What did the fan say? He says ‘I’m getting awfully dizzy,’ but no one notices because he spins around so fast.

  2. What really kicks off summer?  Cha cha lessons for old people. That’s a summer tradition.

  3. Who rules the world?  The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler ,The Emperor Of All Of Raccoondom.  He works in the sewer.

  4. What is the best thing to do to someone who snores? Record it and give away free copies as party favors.

  5. Who/what was your last unexpected house guest?  The Smothers Brothers.  They’re not the same without Pat Paulsen.

  6. How does a blanket keep warm? Invisibly it simultaneously inhales and exhales.  That always generates heat. It has a good laugh because it’s kind of an inside joke.

  7. Why shouldn’t you snoop?  It’s too hard to keep track .You have to take copious notes, and to attend many meetings with others snoops.  They can be boring.  Besides that, union dues are atrocious.

  8. What is the worst thing that could happen to you?  I couldn’t stand being permanently stuck in odd number day. I’m so terrified of odd numbers.

  9. What did the gopher and mole do when they met?They laughed at the groundhog, who only works once a year and never gets anything right.

  10. What lurks in your backyard?  The guy who knows why Betty White dies so frequently. 

  11. What is the best way to torture someone?  Lock him into a small room and ask him why the word ‘Hyphenated’ doesn’t have a hyphen in it, but ‘Non~hyphenated’ does.

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