A True Story

You know that traditional horror story parents tell their kids, ‘when we were young uns, we walked to school barefoot, fifteen miles, uphill both ways.”?


Of course it was one big perpetual blizzard.


Then they go on to brag, “We always got coal in our Christmas stockings.”


Maybe you should believe them.  My parents were both from northeastern Pennsylvania, in the Pocono Mountains.


For them it really happened that way.



Welcome back to Girlieontheedge’s SIX SENTENCE THURSDAY prompt.

15 thoughts on “A True Story

  1. messymimi's meanderings says:

    Well, i do know Grandpa started helping support the family when he was 11 by delivering newspapers on his bike. More than once, he was shot at by someone thinking the noise in the alley was an intruder (shooting to scare, not to hit anyone in particular). It scared him, all right.

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  2. clark says:

    What a whole different world (keying off your reply to Violet)… it must have been. Not that every place in time isn’t a whole different world, but there (as I imagine coal mine/rural life) it would be an especially-strong…. er milieu. Lives in towns, especially rural towns are anchored/centered so strongly on whatever it is that produces a social/cultural focal point. What really knocks me out about a thing like this (the view of a reality that your post offers) is how different day-to-day reality is for those living it.
    cool post.

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