Argyle Lake

Have you seen Argyle Lake?

I passed it by often in my youth

On my way to St. John the Baptist High School.


Water of pure transparent azure crystal

Pearl beads crashing against its coastline

Framed by a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ like trellis.


The water carries with it the echoes of yesterday’s youth.

It holds within it generations of adolescent gossip

Respecting yesterday’s privacy.


Argyle Lake is a real place, in Babylon, New York.  I used to pass it by daily on my way to high school.  Welcome back to dVerse Poetics .

21 thoughts on “Argyle Lake

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    The lakes and ponds here in the Northwest are mostly murky and mossy. We do have some high mountain lakes, near glaciers, that are crystal clear.

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