Wednesdays With Mary



have a really good friend, Harold, who is absolutely stark raging gaga over Mary Tyler Moore.  He can tell you absolutely everything whatsoever about the famous recently deceased actress.

Not a single day is allowed to go by in Harold’s mini~me universe where there’s not a major overabundance of ‘Oh Rooooob!!’ and ‘Oh Mr. Graaaant!’ moments.


Over the years he’s seen each of her movies at least a thousand times over, and can recite each of them precisely verbatim.


It would be one thing if his were but a mere celebrity crush, but it’s an all~encompassing psycho~fantasy.  He’s only willing to get romantically involved with women whose names start with  ‘M’.  This way, he explains, he can buy his girl, as his first gift to her, an extra large ‘M’ to put up on her mantle.  He always asks her to throw her hat into the air on a windy day too.  When she’s having a moment of frustration, he always expects her to react by saying ‘Oh Haroooold!’



I suppose things could even be a lot worse. I could have a friend who has a thing for Alice Pearce or Sandra Gould.  Then he’d be constantly trying to get mixed up with someone like Gladys Kravitz from ‘Bewitched’.



Welcome back to M’s MAY WRITING PROMPTS .

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