Help Us, Please, Leo

It’s the tenth Frame.  Leo, from the Orange Team, has already gotten ten strikes.  Just let him get two more and we win the league’s championship.  The junk food, beer, and drinks are flowing as freely as the tension.  In dead silence it will happen.  Suddenly there’s a blackout.



Clarklike  Girlie On the Edge is here for her SIX SENTENCE STORY THURSDAY .   This week’s word is ‘Frame’. 

20 thoughts on “Help Us, Please, Leo

  1. clark says:

    (remaining seated in plastic-molded seat, the earth-foot-and-ozone scent of bowling shoe spray singing it’s olfactory song of days past.)
    Fun Six*

    *liking the formatting… total rhetorical breadcrumbs..

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  2. Pat Brockett says:

    What a fun Six! Back in junior high I was participated in Intramural Bowling. As I remember it, there were no windows in the building, so I can just imagine what that would be like to be there when a blackout occurred.

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