A Detour


I met such a pretty flautist who bade me follow her: ‘What could you have to lose, my good friend? O put a few dollars into my straw hat, and I’ll show you what lies at the end.”


So I paid my few dollars unto this fair damsel and followed her most winsome lead.   I walked on toward the castle and in through its gate, doffed my hat to a guard on a steed.



In the throne room, I met him, the lord of the realm, and bade him my humblest Ave, amid incense and candles, and an air of dead silence, with cups of mead placed at the doorway.



Then he uttered a message, as he kept me so rapt, the full text of which I’ve forgotten.  Alas, no one believes me although it’s quite true, this tale which I relate quite often.



Welcome back to dVerse Poets Pub, today featuring the artwork, from Twitter, of @maryfrancesness .

12 thoughts on “A Detour

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Beware of fair flautists. I married one; found her in Texas. Your protagonist is fortunate to re-emerge with his testicules intact. Your poetic romp and rant conjured a smile from me.

    Liked by 1 person

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