The Reruns

I have two really good friends, Henry and Peter, who spend all their free time debating the relative merits of their favorite shows: ‘The Odd Couple’ and ‘The Honeymooners’.  



They fit perfectly the profile of the typical fanatic.  Neither stands a chance of recognizing his own wife or kids when they pass him right by.  Both can recite perfectly, verbatim, each and every episode of both shows. 



In a way I’m kind of a bit sorry I’ve gotten so used to them by now.  I really miss the adrenaline rush new people get upon having first noticed these guys’ constantly roaming around chasing people with a Washcloth, offering them a stick of Unger Gum, now in broccoli flavor, and giving everybody the official Raccoon ‘Woo Woo’ salute.



Welcome back to  THREE THINGS CHALLENGE PL94 .




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