About Compassion

Compassion always requires a shared, common experience.  The very name, com~passion, requires the individual to suffer with the other.  It’s very important, at all times, to show mercy, sensitivity, kindness, and gentleness.  Compassion, specifically, though, can only be shared with someone who’s been through what has happened to someone else.  As an example, no one can be compassionate with someone whose spouse or child has died if he has not lost his.   It comes from understanding.  In a way, compassion is exactly the very same as those other qualities.  The only way in which it differs is from the point of view of experience. I’ve always been quite unwaveringly opposed to the obviously counterfeit sensitivity that stems from the who~am~I~to~judge? mentality.  Judgmentalness/Non~Judgmentalness are a counterfeit vice/virtue.  



Welcome to V.J.’s WEEKLY CHALLENGE #48 .


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