Who’ll Stop the Rain

“Lately it’s been raining way beyond too much,” Sheldn told Myrna.

“It rained ten days straight out of the past two weeks ,”  she reminded him, equally disgusted.    “It started pouring at about four this morning.  In a way it was good, because it only lasted for around an hour.  When I was walking down the street this morning at around 8:30, though, the oddest thing happened.  Believe it or not, the sky was perfect blue, and the clouds were perfect white.  Somehow, though, there was a spring shower that only fell upon me for around two minutes.”



“I often see that lately too,” said he.  “Do you thing someone is trying to tell us something?”



“O Well, he replied.  “Whoever he is, I wish he’d try being quite a whole lot less talkative.”



Welcome to Paula’s THURSDAY INSPIRATION 4 .


Photo credit goes to DANIEL BORKER .


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