The Evil That’s In Style

nrd-1002460-unsplashIt’s 1979. Disco and polyester have left their horrific mark everywhere. I walk to the kitchen in search of a much needed midnight snack. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door. “O no!’ I gasp. ‘It’s the infamous Disco Strangler, and even he wears polyester. ‘


Here we are at Kat Myrman’s TWITTERING TALES # 136

I used a forty~year~~old flashback because I wanted to take advantage of the anachronistic phone.

6 thoughts on “The Evil That’s In Style

  1. Kat Myrman says:

    That phone surely dated the picture Larry. I had a few of those back in the day! But the most horrible thing in your piece…the reference to disco!!! Haha! Like a zombie it keeps coming back!!! Eeeek! 😄

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