The Perfect Heist

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Orville and Wendell were planning to pull what they liked to consider the absolute crime of the century.  Having been friends since they were only kids, they knew all each other’s strong and weak points.



“All we have to do to commit the perfect Heist,” Orville whispered, “is to keep it cool and to follow the instructions precisely.  That we we can’t possibly fostoogle anything.”



“Yeah,” Wendell said, “Besides that, since we’ll be on a plane to Europe within only an hour after it’s all over with, no Harm can possibly come to us either.”



“Our P.I.N. number is Me92ss.” Orville said. “Now all we have to do is to reach into the briefcase, grab the instructions, and get moving.  Give me the briefcase right now.”


“Uh~oh,” Wendell answered.  “Don’t you have it?”




Hi welcome back to MMMMRACHEL’S creative writing prompt.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Heist

  1. setonmom says:

    Even the best laid plans…

    This was a fun read. I enjoyed your use of the prompts.

    If we are inspired to write something from the prompts you post, where are we to put them in order for others to see them?

    God bless…

    Liked by 1 person

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