A Trip To the Head Shop

I don’t want

Hippie avant~garde


Ban new age

I want my square tradition.

Western culture lives.


The very first thing that occurred to me upon having seen this photo is that it’s not the least bit for me.  I’m strictly a Western Culture, square kind of guy.  SUNDAY MUSE #55

9 thoughts on “A Trip To the Head Shop

  1. kanzensakura says:

    So according to your blog, you are from PA. Why do you have so much Italian language on your blog? Also, you are cinservative and “western ” values? If you don’t like the picture, why are you writing to it? Unless of course you want to share your tight Catholic conservative point of view known? Why give the impression you are of Italy Italian origin when you arr as American as the res of us? Don’t you believe in honesty?


    1. larry trasciatti says:

      I”m trying to learn Italian, and I read that if someone wants to learn a foreign language he should be as exposed to it as much as possible. I’m from New York , and lived in PA for a while.


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