Theoretical Caccia

Theory without practice.

It can never work .

It is like a body with no skeleton.



  Life must be both/and, of course

 Never either/or.

Lonesome is a body that has lost its soul.


Nothing is fatal as

False dichotomy.

So poisonous is the pen with which it writes.


I’ve tried to write an Italian CACCIA  poem.  Today’s dVerse prompt is: THEORIES OF EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING .


33 thoughts on “Theoretical Caccia

  1. kim881 says:

    The Italian Caccia is a new form to me, Larry; I like the shape! That’s a great simile ‘like a body with no skeleton’; and I love the line ‘Lonesome is a body that has lost its soul’.

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  2. lillian says:

    I’m reminded of the scientist’s pragmatic role to turn science into policy. Using one example….the absolute science of climate change and global warming and the policies that evolved from that science.
    And now sadly, the US government wreaking havoc by actually removing scientists from governmental advising positions, rolling back environmental policies….so very very sad.

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