The Library And the Methodist Church

Every day is an adventure at the Wyoming Free Library on Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming.



Often they, and the Methodist church next door, have such a very nice book sale together.  Recently I made sure I went to one of them.  John, the librarian, and his three assistants~Carol, Linda, and Barbara~were walking around doing their jobs.  It was a normal, ordinary day in all respects, except that people were constantly going back and forth between there and the church, carrying large bags of books.



Everyone knows that I’ve always been prone to anxiety attacks.  It was annoying enough that I couldn’t find a place to park within a quarter mile of the place, and the traffic congestion drove me plum crazy. Oh, no, things ended up getting even worse than that , to the point that my very Skin began to crawl in several different directions.



There was a large, eighteen~wheeled Mack Truck parked on Wyoming Avenue, blocking my visibility.  When I tried to pull out of the parking lot, for lack of a parking space, I cringed in such a state of total abject horror.  The blind spot drove me nuts.



All I can say is, the next time they have a book sale, I fully intend to walk to it.  I’ve been noticing that there’s quite a lot less risk of trouble that way.



Here’s one of Paul’s Three Things Challenge PL82

prompts.  The library and church in my story are both quite real.







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