Laura’s Weekly Song Challenge

Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
Tag two people to participate!

1. Post a video of an R&B song from the 70s.  ‘THE LOVE I LOST’ HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUE NOTES .  ’73, so it was big when I was a high school freshman.


2. Post a video of a song that makes you think of strength or feeling renewed. ‘RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM’ MAXINE NIGHTINGALE . ’75, so I was a high school sophomore and junior when it first came out.



3. Post a video of a song about a woman. ‘YOU ARE THE WOMAN’ FIREFALL . This one came out in ’76.  I was a junior and senior.


It’s time for Laura’s WEEKLY SONG CHALLENGE ROUND 12 .  I got a chance to dip into me high school teeny~bopper tastes.

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