Everything’s Nicer With A Musical Accompaniment

“It must be so nice to be so musically talented,” Leo told Sylvia.


“What do you mean?” she asked.



“I was just thinking of the ’60’s musical ‘Oliver’, he reminded her.  “It tells the tale of a destitute Orphan in nineteenth century England.  Considering what kind of a City London must have been like back then, with all the poisonous Dust, you’d think seeing such a tale would be akin to peering through the very Window of Hell.”



“Yes,” she admitted.  Seeing a show based upon something like that is bound to Stifle anyone’s ability to see a bright side of life.”



“Instead, though,” he pointed out, “whenever I see the movie, especially because of all the upbeat music, I keep on fully expecting to Float and to Fly Off into such a nice world.”


“Yeah,” she said.   I often catch myself in a Sigh of such joy whenever I see it.  There’s such an overdose of Charm, and Sense of humor to it.”


Throughout the rest of the day, they couldn’t help listening to the soundtrack.


Here’s this week’s WORDLE 402 THE SUNDAY WHIRL .



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