Green Eggs And Spam

Green eggs and spam were on sale a few months ago at my local grocer, so I thought I’d give them a go.  I brought them home and, ever the adventuresome type, I proceeded to try out some new recipes with them.


No words can explain the total and utter euphoria to which I was subject when I found out just exactly how lovely they tasted together. 

The only catch was that within about a half hour of my having first opened the lid on the fully cooked container,  everyone within a five mile radius of my neighborhood was banging my door down, insatiably desperately demanding to know what was going on.



Before I knew what hit me, all the major T.V. networks and radio stations, as well as even major periodicals,  were clamoring to find out about the latest craze among gourmet delicacies.



Folks from far and wide have been clamoring for my autograph for the past few months. I haven’t been able to get any sleep because I’m constantly being asked, day and night, for interviews.  My eyes are baggy and I’m a total nervous wreck.



The way I see it, It’s for sure I shall need significant psychotherapy for at least the next fifteen years~all because of my lopsided curiosity about food.


Here I am at Putting My Feet In the Dirt’s May Writing Prompt




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