A Matter Of Priorities

“I’ve always been so notoriously bad at keeping  Doctor’s appointments,” Basil told his friend Julius.  “It all started like this last weekend, see?”



“Go on,” the friend said. 


“I made an appointment with Doctor Melnitz, my podiatrist, for 11:00 a.m. last Friday,” Basil continued.  “Turns out my feet have been on Fire for the past several days.  Well, of course, people all know about my insatiable weakness for Jitty Joe’s ice cream.”



Right then and there, Julius knew exactly what to expect.



“Turns out,” Basil admitted,  “At the very moment I got up to my esteemed physician friend’s neighborhood, I passed Jitty Joe’s, only to notice that they were having the most humongous sale on Caramel ice cream.”



Julius rolled his eyes in dismay, as Basil looked down as his swollen, blistered feet.









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