Welcome Spring!

I quite bitterly, from the very bottom recesses of my heart and soul, both despise and resent cold weather.  Right about now, with certain very definite unwelcome exceptions, the weather is starting to strike me as so exceptionally enchanting.



Most of what I have to do as far as preparation for the overwhelming joys of springtime boils down to putting away all my heavy bulky clothing and replacing it with such exceptionally nice, light attire.  



One of the highlights of my springtime each year recently is the Memorial Day parade.  For most of the past few years, I have been marching with my Knights Of Columbus council, number 2626, Monsignor Cass Council.  We shall have to make some arrangements in advance for the big day. 



Considering that I haven’t had a car since late last spring, it always helps the pedestrian in me if the weather is nice.  One of the major attractions of spring is that I can enjoy all the mileage I get.  I also want to start riding my bicycle again.  It will make it so very much easier for me to  get to the local craft fairs and farmer’s market.  At least one of the craft fairs is in the summer but we soup kitchen people have to spend some time in spring getting ready for it.



For me, it’s never the least bit difficult to prepare for springtime.   Spring and summer are always the most enjoyable parts of my year.



Welcome to Sarah Elizabeth’s Writing Prompt # 16 .

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