A Day In the Life

Maddie has to go to the bank on pay day weekly.  She doesn’t mind the extra fifteen minute trip.  It’s just an ordinary chore, and it’s in her best interest anyway.



This Friday she punched out of her job at Joe’s Diner, stared for her usual three seconds at a time at the sign on the door, “Eat At Joe’s”, and walked out toward the crowded parking lot.



She took her inevitable three~minute drive to the local bank, said her ‘hellos’ to all the regulars~honorary friends of hers~and filled out the requisite paperwork.



She then proceeded toward the teller’s window, where she was politely greeted by Lisa, a stern looking, somewhat chubby woman with Jefferson Airplane eyeglasses.




She endorsed her check, got everything over with, and walked toward the door, ready to leave.  Suddenly, she remembered that she wanted to keep track of an important address and phone number.  



She walked over to a counter and picked up an available pen.  Having written down all she wanted to save, she absent~mindedly put the pen into her purse, suddenly richer by an insignificant amount.



Welcome back to Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie’s  First Line Friday .

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