A Distorted Love Affair

Ciara is in my every thought.

She’s all I see both day and night.

She’s Guinevere. I’m Lancelot.

The sun all day, the moon all night.

Upon my soul she is a blot

I know it’s wrong. O it’s not right.


There is no word for all the pain

I feel when she is far a way.

When from her love I must abstain

The sun will never shed its ray.

Why do my heart and soul remain?

Why can they never fly away?


I passed her by this afternoon

Or so I thought twas surely she.

Was it some eccentric lampoon

For our love was not meant to be?

Soon I shall sing another’s tune

She’ll fade into my memory.


Here’s my contribution to THE SUNDAY MUSE

I wrote it in the same style as Lord Byron’s lyrical poem ‘She Walks In Beauty’.  The rhyme scheme is ab ab ab cd cd cd ef ef ef.


9 thoughts on “A Distorted Love Affair

  1. Ed Rigg says:

    Love the format and pentameter . . . and loved the words you penned and the story.
    Nice to see another chap here as well . . . . . and peased to meet you . . )

    Liked by 1 person

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