Simple Herman

Herman hadn’t ever traveled much during his lifetime.  For him, a trip from Ridge, New York to Ozone Park, New York was quite an adventure.


He quite happily enjoyed all the peace and quiet of his provincial life though.  Often he sat around listening to old songs like ‘Power Cut’ by Paul McCartney and Wings, or Dizzy Gillespie’s ‘Salt Peanuts’.


One of his favorite books was ‘The Shack’ by William Paul Young.  There was no Limit to the happiness such simple things could give him.



His favorite season was Spring because then he could peer out at the world below, with only the glare of the Glass windows keeping him from all the outside world.



When he went outside, which was rarely, even the mere Sight of a simple Tree, or the slightest Spray of dew, could boggle his mind.


His life might have been uneventful, but he was happy with it.



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