Hey Man If That’s What It Takes

Bob works at a local bank behind the scenes.  He and red haired Doreen drive each other crazy. He has a strict rule about getting married:  no red hair and you have to be both the same age. 


Bob’s always cranky and surly because obscenely loud people nearby rankle upon his nerves.  His nasty ways terrify Doreen.



One day gorgeous, dark~haired Stephanie, fourteen years younger than he, starts working there, and evil Bob somehow conveniently becomes a perfect gentleman and total charmer, so sweet he can impress her like crazy.  


Doreen never lets him live it down.  “One pretty girl’s all it takes?!”



This weekend Sammi’s word is IMPRESS .  My post is based upon a true story.

11 thoughts on “Hey Man If That’s What It Takes

    1. larry trasciatti says:

      That really happened to me. I’m Bob. I’ve told people since I was a kid, that I’m terrified of red hair and that married couples have to be the same age. That incident really happened to me. Doreen was only afraid because of excessive nastiness.

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