Alphabetical Romance

Already I Fell in love with her

Because she struck me as so 

Cute with all her impressively

Delightful character traits

Exactly inclined toward the most

Fabulous of all possible airs and 

Graces.  This brings us to the very 

Happiest of moments one can possibly

Imagine on this Earth. Perhaps it’s 

Just too much for me to bear but I’m 

Kind of inclined toward a spate of 

Loneliness right now. I think that

Maybe it’s in my imagination and not

Necessarily all that bad.

Only a few women have given me this 

Problem in the past.   

Quite possibly it’s not 

Really that big of a deal.

Soon I shall see for sure if 

This is as

Unusual as I think it is.

Very many people have also been through this

Weirdly annoying E~

Xperience so I know it can be done.

Yes she’s so very fine and 

Zelda is her name.

Here’s my contribution to NaPoWriMo.  It’s an ABECEDARIAN POEM .


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