Blogging From A To Z Challenge~Letter O

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I’ve always enjoyed things that are Obsolete.  For some odd reason, so many people seem to think living in the past is a bad thing. I, however, have made quite a way of life out of it.  The grass is always greener on a previous side. 



There’s something so fabulously interesting about people, places, time frames, or anything else from an earlier era.  It’s kind of like a Garden Of Eden.ish thing.  It’s part of the way mankind is put together.  Each of us has a tendency toward romanticizing some other set of circumstances.  Eventually, as I’ve gotten very much older, I’ve come to understand that it’s all just a kind of mere daydreaming and fantasizing.  The past is only interesting precisely because it’s irrevocably in the past.  The instant it comes back, it loses all its charm.



Each of us, in his own way, enjoys at least certain things from the past.   Without it, there would be no historians or storytellers.  The memory is quite a very powerful, and unavoidably necessary, resource.  He who controls people’s memory controls the people too.  Not everything from the past is obsolete.  I happen to enjoy the things that are. 

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